Planning for the future
Respecting our rural heritage

Whitchurch Conservation Group Aims

  1. Aim to protect and nurture green spaces in and around Whitchurch
  2. Recognise the need to accommodate proportionate development through improved infrastructure respecting community, rural heritage and tourist economy
  3. Work closely with Whitchurch Town Council to help develop local resident input into the Whitchurch Local Neighbourhood Plan Update
  4. Make representations at Basingstoke and Deane Council Consultations, where relevant
  5. Educate the wider public about the importance of Whitchurch conservation designations; specifically, SSSI (Special Sites of Scientific Interest) and the AONB (Area of Outstanding Beauty), as well as the Countryside Code of Conduct
  6. Enhance and promote Whitchurch as a socially and economically vibrant and family-oriented town, with a strong rural and heritage identity, with specific emphasis on The Mill Trail and Whitchurch’s enviable position as Gateway to the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  7. Campaign for a rural tourism policy that recognises Whitchurch’s rural and heritage identity
  8. Campaign for improved accessibility at Whitchurch station to bring in more tourists by sustainable train travel
  9. Forge partnerships with other Whitchurch charitable organisations to create cultural and community events which take place in the green spaces around Whitchurch
  10. Education and outdoors learning; specifically chalk stream rivers learning for local Whitchurch children, and work with others to increase provision for outdoor play
  11. Fund raise and apply for grants